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    asked by: Megan H.
    I provide daycare for my grandson who is a toddler and I want to prepare food for him instead of the boxed baby foods in the grocery store. What are some healthy recipes that toddlers will love to eat and are easy for me to prepare?
    • AnswerI found a site called that offered lots of suggestions for this. They had recipes for chicken soup, cheese logs, flax cookies, and spinach nuggets for example. All of them looked very tasty as well as easy to prepare.

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    asked by: Thomas V.
    • AnswerTo get free samples you can check and the company's direct website. Facebook is also a good source for diaper samples.
      answered by: Steven F.
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    Is there a benefit to online schooling?
    asked by: Jeremy H.
    • AnswerIf your son hates his school and you are able, online schooling would be a good option for him. Children do not want to go to their schools for various reasons, many of them being how they are treated by fellow classmates. If you feel this is an issue, why make your kid suffer with bullying? Also, if your child isn't a traditional learner, home-schooling may be for him also. I know several friends that use home-schooling for their child because they couldn't conform to the system and learn within the guidelines (child thinks differently, learns differently). I say, if you have the opportunity to do it, please do. Many children are home schooled and turn out just fine.
      answered by: Leslie D.
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    Are there any online programs for home schooling?
    asked by: Alyssa E.
    • is a good online education website. IT offers many games and activities to increase you kid's knowledge of math. Also it is very easy to understand.
      answered by: Morgan O.