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    asked by: Mavis N.
    Every year I see those Rudolph candy canes that people make and I would love to make some this year. How do you make Rudolph Candy Canes?
    • AnswerThe best way to find out how to make Rudolph Candy Canes would be to do some research on a recipe website such as Rachel Ray.

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    asked by: Chelsea W.
    • AnswerSelf storage facilities are cheap and helpful if you need space. But there could be problems with some facilities, such as the spread of germs or bugs. But other places can be more safe.
      answered by: Sara G.
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    asked by: Richard Q.
    • AnswerAn organic fruit is a fruit that has been grown without pesticides or fertilizer. Non organic fruit has been treated for pests and has had various fertilizers used on it.
      answered by: Ashley A.
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    Where can I find more information on adventure tours?
    asked by: Christina W.
    • AnswerWith the recent upsurge in bed beds many people are becoming concerned with how to prevent bed bugs from invading their homes. Pesticides are usually the first line of defense for bed bugs, but there are also other options to help keep bed bugs out of your home. If you have had bed bugs the disposal of infected or contaminated belongings and furniture is recommended. Vacuuming is also helpful. Cold and heat treatment where freezing equipment or steaming equipment is brought in since bed bugs cannot survive extreme heat or cold.
      answered by: Erin G.